Learning and development

Learning is not a destination, it is a continuous journey. We expect all our employees to take ownership of their learning and development needs, while we commit to providing comprehensive support in that process.

To help us be safe and profitable long into the future, our development opportunities are focused on enabling our employees to be able to demonstrate the competences required to carry out their current and future job roles.

A planned, organised, positive problem solving approach

As a top tier COMAH site, we take the competence of our employees very seriously. This is reflected in the Health & Safety and technical training our people are required to undertake. Important skills and knowledge gained give our employees a starting point to demonstrate competence in their roles.

All our HSE competencies have been developed to ensure we are sustainably safe and meet our regulatory requirements.

Functional competence relates to technical requirements in each job role. Functional competence development is achieved in a variety of ways both on the job and/or via more formal training programmes.

Business competence focuses on delivering for our customers and taking the right commercial decisions for the business.

Personal competence is pivotal to our success, as it is essential for all staff to build relationships and work with others.

As careers grow, we encourage the development of leadership competence to enable employees to progress and take on greater responsibility.