Working at Essar Oil UK

If you are interested in a career with Essar Oil UK, please contact [email protected] for more details

Stanlow Refinery is one of the largest refineries in the UK and supplies over 16% of the nation's transport fuels.

It processes 9 milion tonnes of crude oil and feedstocks into 2 billion litres of jet fuel and over 7 billion litres of diesel and petrol each year.

It is this fuel that powers industry and commerce throughout the North West and beyond. As well as producing fuel, our products are used in a variety of different ways by us and our customers.

To maintain that scale of production and the success of our business, we are always planning ahead. We look to nurture the brightest and most ambitious talent as part of our team.

Inspiration. Challenge. Career Progression

Like any business, we’re only as good as our people. To be the best, we need to work with the best.

And because our future success relies on our people, their competence, their experience and their enthusiasm, we work hard to recruit, nurture and retain the best talent we can, both new and existing.

We are committed to developing our people. A commitment that begins by giving everyone, from work experience students, to paid interns, to graduates and experienced industry recruits, opportunities to fulfill their potential within a stimulating professional environment.

From positions in operations, maintenance, engineering, economics planning and scheduling and our commercial and support functions, we can provide challenging and fulfilling careers at Essar Oil UK.

We value talent and therefore recruit people with this in mind.

Take a look at the roles on offer and if there’s anything there that interests you, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Who knows? Maybe your future is part of our future too.