Warrington School special guests at Stanlow Oil Refinery

17th November, 2014

Essar Oil UK welcomed a special group of students to Stanlow Refinery recently, when Bridgewater High School visited the site. 

Pupils from the Warrington school designed and manufactured the actual Chemical Industry Association national award presented at an Old Trafford ceremony in July, which recognized the outstanding work done by Essar to contribute to the acquisition of skills by the company’s workforce.

The party visited the fire station, central control room, central workshops and central stores before enjoying a guided site tour.

Explained Tracy Hughes, Essar South Chemicals Unit Manager: “We met representatives of the school when we attended the CIA awards ceremony at Old Trafford Cricket ground over the summer and were so impressed by the work they’d done on the award that we invited them to Stanlow.  We gave them an extensive look around different parts of the refinery and from the questions they asked, they clearly found the visit an interesting one.”

Jenny Butterworth from Bridgewater High added:  “As part of their coursework during Year 10, Product Design students from the school designed and constructed awards for the Chemicals Industry Awards 2014. 

“As a thank you for all their efforts and production of high quality work, one of the award winners -Stanlow Refinery - invited a selection of pupils, including Jacob Coles and Jamie Green who made the trophy, to have a tour of the plant.  The pupils, currently in Year 11, found the experience both interesting and insightful in terms of the career opportunities that an apprenticeship there would offer.”