A Low Carbon Energy Provider

Our Strategy

Our commitment

  • We will reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030
  • We will achieve the Net Zero Emission Target by 2040

Our vision

Supporting the transition to a “Low Carbon Energy Provider” of the future, our vision is aligned with the UK Government’s Ten Point Plan on the Low Carbon Industrial Revolution.

  • We will be the Industry Leader in the transition towards a sustainable society
  • We will deliver the cleaner energy solutions of the future for the United Kingdom
  • Our strategy will create long-term value in a low carbon economy, to ensure we remain competitive and relevant to our customers
  • Stanlow will sit at the heart of the North West hydrogen economy, with production starting in 2025
  • By 2030, carbon capture within the Hynet project has the potential to reduce the area’s emissions by 25%

 Our pathway

  • Significantly improve energy efficiency reducing CO2 emission from the current manufacturing facilities at Stanlow (Implementation of Energy Improvement Program)
  • Increase capability to supply the market with sustainable automotive fuel supporting the reduction from transportation fuels
  • Invest in strategic projects; Hynet, Fulcrum and Biofuels manufacturing supported by Government policy