Vertex Hydrogen is designing, developing and building the UK’s first low carbon hydrogen production plant.

Vertex Hydrogen is a joint venture between Essar Oil UK and Progressive Energy. Vertex’s low carbon hydrogen production plant will be a core part of the HyNet low carbon cluster. Low carbon hydrogen will be produced at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex located in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

The hydrogen will be produced using Johnson Matthey’s best in class LCHTM technology.

The low carbon hydrogen produced will then be safely transported via underground pipelines to industry where it will be used to replace the fossil fuel, natural gas.

This will help to decarbonise the production of products we rely on such as food, drink, glass and chemicals.

It will also be used to generate electricity when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun shining and increasingly to fuel heavy transport such as buses, trains and lorries.

The low carbon hydrogen from the Vertex Hydrogen production plant can also be blended into the existing gas network to reduce the amount of carbon required for heating our homes and businesses.

LCH is a trademark of the Johnson Matthey Group of Companies.

We are leading the transition to low carbon fuels.