Fire and security

The use of flares

Flares are important safety devices used as part of refining and petrochemical processes. They are used throughout the industry as a safety mechanism to ensure process units do not exceed safety limits.

See more information on The use of flares.

Technical Fire and Security (TFS)

Safety is an absolute priority at Stanlow, and we ensure all practicable steps are taken to prevent incidents of any type.

We have emergency plans in place to minimise the effects of any incident and our own full-time emergency response service based at the site. Our specialist teams are equipped with an extensive fleet of sophisticated vehicles and range of equipment and are on duty on a 24-hour basis, every day of the year.

A team of 25 full time staff, with day support from an additional 8 people, provide immediate response to potential emergencies and a dedicated security team complete the day to day running of the refinery gates.

Key responsibilities

The team provides key advice, expertise, specialised equipment and an expert fire and security service to keep the Stanlow Manufacturing complex operating safely and securely.  They also provide medical cover, with patients assessed if necessary by shift medics and treated accordingly.

They provide training and promote a clear and consistent attitude towards fire safety and security.


The team members, many of whom have formerly been employed by the British forces and County Fire Brigades, are highly experienced and have qualifications with the following organisations:

  • Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE) ranging from Level 1 to member status
  • International Professional Security Association (IPSA)
  • Heightec rope rescue trainers qualification
  • IFEDA fire extinguisher engineer
  • First aid qualified
  • FPOS first aid qualified


TFS members undertake constant training programmes, enabling a rapid response to any potential situation. They also offer comprehensive training to onsite personnel on the following subjects:

  • Breathing apparatus
  • Air trailer training
  • Escape set (MSA re-breather)
  • Confined space training
  • Instant aid
  • Defibrillator
  • Office fire training
  • Fire extinguisher training including live fire fighting
  • Site emergency control centre training

Local community and beyond

TFS help with emergency services in our neighbouring communities and beyond and have a close relationship with local emergency services and external agencies.

They have an ‘adopt a watch’ scheme with the local county fire brigade and have built strong partnerships with all blue light services. They offer support during emergency situations that often occur off site, or within the surrounding local community. Incidents such as road traffic collisions, the vast majority of which are on external perimeter roads, are handed over to the county police, fire, or ambulance service as soon as they arrive.

The firefighting team is always available for emergency standby as and when required.

Security duties

Our security duties come in many forms. From site access and control to the identification, detection, deterrence and prevention of potential security threats.

Site Speed

The 20-mph site speed limit is enforced strictly using home office approved and calibrated speed check devices.