The dealer offer

We fully researched the UK market to best understand what dealers want as part of their package and can offer the following services:

  • Individual site risk assessment, control procedures and auditing
  • Fuels
  • Branding installation and servicing
  • Card payment services
  • Pump maintenance
  • Uniforms


Operating one of the UK’s largest refineries, Essar provides security of supply and produces fuels to cater for all driving requirements.  We are able to supply directly to our dealers:

  • Diesel (B7)
  • Unleaded petrol (E10)
  • Super Unleaded petrol
  • Super Unleaded 99 Octane petrol (E5)

Stanlow has been producing a significant proportion of the country’s transport fuels for over 50 years.  As such, all our products meet the strictest quality controls and adhere to all British Standard and European specifications and comply fully with vehicle manufacturer warranties.

Essar provides security of supply and fuels for all requirements

Branding installation and servicing

Working closely with our branding and manufacturing partners, Essar will carefully survey and then provide a fit out solution for each of our dealer sites.  The look is clean, fresh and distinctive and strongly identifiable from the roadside.  In conjunction with this distinctive design, we include larger scale pricing LEDs and very clear and obvious space for convenience branding to deliver maximum visibility and awareness of the offer to customers.

Card payment services

Through our relationship with RSM 2000 Ltd, we can offer the following support to help you run your operation smoothly and grow your business:

  • An extensive range of equipment
  • A simple setup process
  • Low cost card fees
  • Card authorisation services
  • Next day or three day bank card settlement
  • A fully managed IP/Broadband service, available at all times
  • Specialist card payment support
  • Bank, charge and fuel fleet and bunker cards

Our commitment

We bring high quality fuels direct from our UK refinery at value prices, together with a clear, honest and straight forward pricing policy.  We commit to maintaining a competitive pricing position and bring value to the dealer, as this is the only way we will achieve our growth ambitions.

Pricing offer

Essar will make a pricing offer to a dealer that will be very clear and state a premium over the industry benchmark for each grade they wish to purchase. Our offers are simple, transparent and straightforward and do not confuse the dealer with various elements like bio fuels charge, winter premiums, or any other hidden charges.

Essar do not insist on ‘bundling’ offers either.  If a dealer wants to pay for his branding, or card services directly to the supplier they can do whilst taking advantage of Essar’s negotiated rates. 

Partnerships with shop suppliers

We are happy to leave this for the dealers to decide which group best suits their needs – they are best placed to do this as they are the experts. If a dealer does need assistance, we are in touch with a number of groups and more than happy to bring them together.

Support for our dealers

Essar’s support team are all UK based at Stanlow refinery and are highly experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  As they are based in the same office as our retail and commercial sales teams, they are able to answer questions or deal with any issues that arise both quickly and efficiently.

Contact us

If you require any further information on becoming an Essar dealer, use our contact form or call our sales support team on: +44 (0) 151 350 4003.