Know Your Client

Section A - Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS)

Essar Oil UK Ltd applies the following definition for foreign, domestic and international PEPs: A PEP is an individual who is currently or in the past year entrusted with a prominent public function and an immediate family member, or a known close associate of such a person.

This covers:

  • Heads of state, heads of government, ministers and deputy or assistant ministers
  • Members of parliaments
  • Members of supreme courts, of constitutional courts, or other high-level judicial bodies
  • Members of courts of auditors or the boards of central banks
  • Ambassadors and high ranking officers in the armed forces (e.g. the rank of colonel in the army, or above)
  • Members of the administrative, management or supervisory bodies of the state-owned enterprises
  • The immediate family and known close associates of a person in this category are also PEPs

The family members and close associates of PEPs must also be treated as PEPs and are defined as follows:

  • Family members are individuals who are related to a PEP either directly (consanguinity) or through marriage or similar (civil) forms of partnership.
  • Close associates are individuals who are closely connected to a PEP, either socially or professionally.

Section B - Ultimate Beneficial Owner Definition

Any individual or company who owns or controls (directly or indirectly) more than 25% of the shares or the voting rights of a company.

Data Privacy Notice

The information provided in this Customer Due Diligence Questionnaire that constitutes personal data shall be processed by Essar Oil UK Limited and certain affiliates within the Essar group of companies (the "Essar Group") in line with Essar privacy policies and local data protection requirements. Personal data shall be processed for the purposes of meeting regulatory requirements and for addressing any regulatory investigations. This information may be shared within the Essar Group and with those third parties who provide services to the Essar Group for the above purposes at all times subject to Essar privacy policies and local data protection requirements. In the event the information provided in this Customer Due Diligence Questionnaire has not been collected directly from the individuals concerned, the Company providing the response to this Customer Due Diligence Questionnaire hereby ensures that such data has been collected lawfully and in line with applicable data privacy requirements from the individuals whose personal data is provided to the Essar Group.

The information collected within this Customer Due Diligence Questionnaire will be retained for as long as it serves the above purposes, to the extent necessary to comply with applicable law; and/or to protect the rights of companies within the Essar Group and at all times in line with the relevant Essar company's privacy policies and local legal requirements.